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This first cycling guide to the Maltese islands is being written bearing in mind both local people and visitors who have the perception that it is difficult to go around the Maltese islands on a bike.You can be surprised about how far from the truth that is.

The Mediterranean island of Malta and its two sister islands of Gozo and Comino enjoy a mild, sunny climate. This makes a favourable setting for those who enjoy outdoor ports. The mild hills  that makes part of the landscape are very intriguing,offering spectacular views of both country and sea panoramas. Cycling for pleasure and fitness in the Maltese islands is gaining ground and lately a few cycle lanes have been also introduced.
Experience the thrills of cycling between typical mediterranean rubble walls that acts as wind breakers to cultivated fields. The guide has 12 routes-9 in Malta and 3 in Gozo. They all offer the cyclists beautiful scenery of the Maltese islands that cannot e appreciated by using a car. In most of the routes, traffic is sparse or moderate.

All the tours are designed to take you always back to your starting point. Each tour description is complimented by a route map of the area. The routes are highlighted for easy reference and accompanied by step-by step directional pointers. However one can start from any point whatsoever.

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